Have some questions?

That’s good! Here’s a list of frequently asked questions to help you.

How would you define your style of photography?

Our primary aim is to capture your wedding story in the most natural and candid manner. All of our photos represent who you are as a person and therefore are shot in a way that whenever you look at the pictures you can reminisce all those beautiful memories.
When it comes to your couple portraits, we will offer you appropriate direction so that the pictures do not look typical and cliched. We also experiment a lot with in-camera techniques, reflective & refractive surfaces, light, perspectives, etc.
Our style is unique and all the pictures beholds your personality and style.

Do you guys make wedding films?

Yes, we offer full services for wedding photography & films.

What are the additional services you provide?

Coffee table books, Traditional photography & videography are a part of our other services. We have team members who specialize in traditional photo and video requirements.

Do you always work in a team of two? What if I need only one photographer, or a larger team?

Yes, a single photographer cannot manage everything. For the entire coverage of the wedding minimum two people are necessary. The same thing applies to cinematic version. However, the team size can be increased based on your coverage expectations. We will suggest the optimum size for the team when we understand more about your wedding.

What if I want to hire you only for photo or video only from my side of the family and the groom’s side is having a separate team?

We do not take up such assignments where we have to work for one side (bride or groom) and there is some other team covering the other side. We have experimented with it a couple of times in the past, but we have always experienced that it is really chaotic.
Firstly, the bride and groom had to split their time between two teams and the time is minimal which becomes difficult for both the teams.
Secondly, every person has different style and vision and therefore when two teams with different perspectives are working together it can be conflicting and confusing.

Do you take up other assignments apart from weddings and portrait sessions?

Yes, you can write to us with details and we can send you the relevant commercial portfolio. We have already ventured in categories like food and beverage, product, real estate and architectural, interior design photography, corporate/personal events, fashion/personal portfolios et cetra. We are always looking forward to collaborate on diverse and versatile projects to expand our horizons.

How can I make a confirmed booking with you?

Good question! As soon as you have fixed the wedding date, waste no time, and get in touch with us. We work on a first come first confirmation basis and can only block a date once we receive an advance. Firstly send us an email, give your introduction and when your wedding is and anything else you want to share with us. Once we get to know about each other, we will book a personal meet to know each other better. Then, we can either meet in person or have a video call and you can ask us anything about our work. We can go over your wedding details and discuss about what is that you want and how can we provide you with the same. Yay! Now that we are team, you can sign our contract and the team here will design a plan according to your wedding details. Lastly, closer to the wedding day itself, we can chat go over the schedule/events again, so that I know the entire flow of the wedding. Also we will be constantly in touch with you so that we get to know you better and no details are missed during the actual event.

Is there anything I can do to help you make awesome pictures & videos for my wedding?

Good, clean lighting. Make time for portraits when you are fresh and looking your best. Also be comfortable and your true self.

How much do you charge?

Again, it depends very much on the nature and scope of the work. Based on your requirements we will offer a bespoke quote to you.

What are your payment terms?

We work with an advance of up to 50% on the time of booking, a payment of 30% on the day of the shoot and 20% on delivery of the final images.

How far are you willing to travel?

We can come as far as you want us to come. We are kinda omnipresent. *CHUCKLES*. Our transportation, accommodation and other logistics (meals, airport pick up/drop, local transport etc.) are to be taken care of by the client.

How many photographs will we receive?

We do not set up a fixed number of photographs to capture all your memories.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No, we don’t believe that would add any value. We delete duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other such images. With our expertise of processing millions of images each year, we delete ones that we feel are duplicates and only deliver the best ones.

How much post-production are you willing to do?

Let’s just say we’re photographers, not magicians!

What is the timeline for end deliverables?

We know that you are obviously waiting for your wedding pictures and videos. We put in a lot of effort to make your wedding pictures look better than what you might have imagined. There is a possibility that we are not be able to meet the promised deadlines because we work towards delivering better quality than just delivering on time. Photos – We take 4-6 weeks for delivery of soft copy. Videos – We take 6-8 weeks for videos and 8-12 weeks for the wedding highlight. At the end of 6-8 weeks a pen drive with high resolution pictures and HD videos will be delivered. However, we will not accommodate more than two-three changes within a time-frame of 20 days from the date of delivery of the films. Any changes thereafter will be chargeable. Let’s just say we’re photographers, not magicians!

Do you copyright the final images?

We have a system of shared copyrights between the client and ourselves. We don’t watermark the images we give you.

Will you upload our images online? Can I request you not to?

Firstly, If we do not upload the pictures online, you, as a prospective client, would not have been able to find and hire us. It is only fair that all the other prospective clients are also able to see the good work that we do at your wedding. It adds value to our work and we at the end of the day run a business which needs to be promoted as much as possible.

We will post our images online on social media sites and our website, and we may even submit these images for certain magazine articles and competitions. We assure you, we will not use these images for commercial purposes, only for promoting our work. If you don’t want us to publish the images on our site, we charge an additional 30% of the total bill amount because we get more work only when we showcase our existing work. This is non-negotiable.

What does your professional kit look like?

We have a wide range of Nikon cameras & Nikon fast lenses and work with other high-quality camera equipment. In terms of editing, each image will go through a rigorous process of post-production, which will be done using the latest Apple & Dell color calibrated systems and Adobe softwares.

Karan, are you personally present at the time of the shoot?

99% of the times, yes! If I am unavailable on the date of the shoot due to some reasons, my equally capable team takes the charge of the shoot. It is a rare case, but I will intimate you if I am not available for the shoot. Although, all the photos are selected and edited by me or under my supervision, where I ensure that the quality of standard of ‘KSP’ is maintained in every single photograph that we deliver to you.